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Rhyme and Reason

Blitz Poems
Rhyme and Reason
Serafina Kubersky ’26


The Blitz Poem, compared to other poem styles like the sonnet or haiku, is just starting to crawl into the mainstream. Created in 2008 by Robert Keim on the Shadow Poetry website, Blitz poems are few and far between. However, they are packed with fast-paced fun. 

Blitz poems are unique in that they bombard the reader’s senses with abrupt imagery and feeling, using tempo to provide constant sensation. Blitz poems consist of 50 lines total, or 25 couplets. This may seem like an extensive amount of writing, but each line should be kept short, usually two to four words. The catch, and what makes writing a Blitz fun, is the repetition that occurs. 

Each couplet begins with the word that ends the couplet above it, and both lines in a couplet start with that same word. 

The last two lines of the poem should be one word only, and be the last words of the two lines above it. The title consists of three words, the first word of line three, the first word of line 47, and a preposition or conjunction to join the two. 

There is no meter, no rhyme scheme, and no punctuation. The repetition provides a pattern that makes writing the poem enjoyable and allows the reader to pause and process the poem. The process may seem daunting, but, once you get a hang of the structure, Blitz poems are a great way to allow your creative brain to find a rhythm. 

If you plan to write a blitz poem, don’t think too much. Go in with a general idea, but let the words take the poem in whatever direction they want. 

Avoid using adjectives and adverbs, instead opt for strong verbs to convey your message. And remember, the meaning will come from all of the lines mixed together. Don’t be afraid to try out a few variations or change a few words. 

Blitz Poems are rapid, with an emphasis on short, concise lines that keep the pace moving at breakneck speed. This allows the poems to convey feelings in a way that not many other poems can. 

These can be sensational creative pieces that provide a unique experience for both the writer and the reader. 


Hunt the Power 

Serafina Kubersky


Forest trees

Forest animals

Animals that fly

Animals that hunt

Hunt the deer

Hunt the innocent

Innocent like the fawn

Innocent like naive

Naive as the young

Naive as flowers

Flowers get picked

Flowers get discarded

Discard the past

Discard the fears

Fears that sting

Fears that control

Control the country

Control the crown

Crown the king

Crown the imposter

Imposter among us

Imposter in the walls

Walls smother words

Walls hide deeds

Deeds are done

Deeds are bloody

Bloody hands

Bloody clothes

Clothes are stained

Clothes are torn

Torn from earth

Torn from reality

Reality is scary

Reality is a lie

Lie to yourself

Lie to others

Others can’t see

Others must die

Die for the throne

Die for power

Power is sacrifice

Power is sanity



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  • B

    Bev greenJan 12, 2024 at 7:51 pm

    I could not have said it better than Izzy did!
    I loved the pattern of repetition best!

  • I

    Izzy ThompsonOct 20, 2023 at 2:31 pm

    I loved this article! I had never heard of a “Blitz Poem” before, but now I feel thoroughly informed. I also absolutely love that you included an example at the end; it really helped my understanding. The “Imposter among us” line was funny, too.