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Running Against the Grain

Profile on Stella Simpson
Mason Fullerton ’25


As the AFS winter athletics season ends, it is important to acknowledge the wonderful athletes who work every day to better themselves and represent the Roo spirit. 

One of the great athletes is Stella Simpson ‘24. She  is a 3-season athlete: a cross-country runner during the fall, and an 800, 1600, and 3200-meter runner in  the winter and spring seasons of track and field. 

Simpson’s success comes from the  hard work she has to put in, not only during school practice hours but outside as well. For her, this is really where the work you put in as an athlete pays off. That extra level of dedication from working outside of scheduled practices betters your chances at achieving your goals.

Simpson  has developed an amazing track record in her four  years at AFS. She holds an outdoor 2-mile record of 13:35s and an indoor 1600 record of 6:07s so, despite  the hurdles, Stella continues to work hard for the sport she loves and excels at it. 

When asked what her favorite part of being a track athlete she responded stating, “One of the best parts is the team… Pushing each other to be the best version of themselves on the track, but also in every aspect of our lives… Whether it’s cheering for teammates during meets, encouraging one another during workouts when it is really hard, or just chatting during warm-ups and stretching, it’s a super close and encouraging team feel.” 

The team spirit is strong, despite track being a solo sport the strength that these people share is remarkable. 

Simpson is one of the few female cross-country runners and distance runners in the spring and the only female distance runner in the winter. 

When asked about her experience as a female distance runner, she said, “I love my team and the whole distance squad, but sometimes being the only girl is discouraging. …Being the only girl surrounded by boys in a sport can be challenging for me. Feeling as though I am not good enough, and that I should be as good as them. …I am frustrated at the differences between myself and the rest of the boys… Along with this, comes being doubted and undermined as well. Not having the respect of some teammates because I am female.”  

This is especially visible in athletics, where much of society underestimates the achievements of women despite mounting evidence of their abilities. Even in professional settings, there is a constant battle for respect.  

When asked about what AFS can better support track and field athletes Simpson said,  “I think that AFS does a pretty good job of supporting athletes. Teachers are understanding when class time is missed due to meets.” 

Simpson also shared about the school’s lack of facilities for the team.  Simpson said, “We don’t have a track, which makes it challenging enough, but the school has also not hired a new head coach for us. [It] truly makes me wonder where the school’s priorities lie because as a team, we were pretty good last year, and deserve the same resources that every other team gets.” 

Simpson’s  work on the track and off of it as the clerk of the Multiracial Affinity Group and Environmental Justice Action committee will have left its mark on the AFS community and hopefully inspired others to run track and be advocates. 

When asked what her happy place was Simpson replied,  “I have a lot of happy places, but one of my best is Cape Cod. We go every summer, and one of my favorite places in the world to be is on the small lake that our house sits on. I am sitting, feeling the warm sun on my face, reading a book. Listening to little kids splash in the water, the occasional seagull crying overhead, it is perfect.” 

We appreciate all of AFS’s great athletes for their contributions to this great community, and can’t wait to see what the Spring athletes have in store this year.

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