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A Disappointing Campaign

President Biden’s failed promise to America
Serafina Kubersky ’26

People are losing hope in the possibility of impactful political change. When considering the state of the world for the last few years, this response is not unexpected. Unfortunately, the final two candidates for this upcoming election may just be Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and neither of those options seem appealing to the majority of voters. 

Young people today want justice. They want immediate and intentional change. Not a secondary solution, not a common ground, they want a change. According to the Pew Research Center, about 68% of individuals aged 18-29 disapprove of Biden as president, and these numbers do not seem foreign. 

Time and time again, Biden and Trump fail to actually put plans for change into action, and often go against their own original promises, making the entire campaign seem like a ploy to gain votes from a large and vulnerable group of people. 

According to, of most respondents who are younger voters (aged 18-29), only 49% had said they would “definitely” vote in the upcoming 2024 election. In addition, many polls have shown that younger voters are less likely to approve of current president Biden. 

That’s right, the polls are saying that young people no longer want to vote. Even after all that fuss during 2020 about “you have to vote, it’s your fundamental right as an American citizen,” we’ve just gone back? 

As I continue to grow older, my faith in our government continues to dwindle. The current social and political climate leaves me and other people my age feeling uninspired and often helpless. 

There are very few individuals who come to mind when I think of a true political leader/social changemaker, especially regarding the current elections for our next president. During his time in the 2020 election, Biden seemed like the light of hope during a time of darkness. 

However, now that he is president, it feels as though we’ve been played for the sake of bettering the career of yet another old white man. Biden has contributed to the decreasing faith that Americans have in humanity, and does not offer an inspiring or uplifting campaign. has kept a promise tracker for President Biden (and others prior to him), indicating which of his campaign promises have been achieved, stalled, compromised, and not achieved. 

While he has kept certain promises like gaining control over Covid-19 and putting the US on a course to net zero emissions by 2050, many of his other promises have not been fulfilled. Approximately 27% of his promises during the 2020 election have been kept, and 34% have been stalled.  However, is that enough for the American people? 

Biden’s lack of fulfillment on the most promising aspects of his campaign do not evoke hope within a nation filled with fear and uncertainty. If anything, they affirm previous doubts about his trustworthiness as a candidate.  

After a slew of empty promises, Biden has lost the faith of many American people. In addition to his false promises, many were skeptical of his approach towards being Vice President during Obama’s campaign, and saw his new support for DEIA and other liberal beliefs, as a way to simply make himself more appealing to younger voters. 

If anything, I’d argue it’s a large part of what drew them away.  In many ways, Joe Biden represents the issues younger voters have with the Democratic Party: The majority of their actions feel performative. 

Certain issues held by the American people require immediate and intentional action. When dealing with social justice especially, the lives of minority individuals are not to be compromised. 

Specifically during the earlier stages of the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement had a stronghold on the culture during that time. George Floyd, Breyonna Taylor, and many others after, were individuals that unfortunately were necessary examples of how unjust many of America’s current systems are, and catapulted an impactful movement against the inequality across many different identifiers. 

Finding a common ground between sides, while tranquilizing, often does not satisfy the needs of a society focused on achieving justice. 

In addition to BLM, movements such as Stop Asian Hate, Women’s Rights (including the laws surrounding abortion), and Queer rights began to rise during this period.

There are so many things in this world that need fixing, but this fixing requires effort from the collective not just from the individual. As we continue to grow increasingly comfortable with isolating ourselves from others, we forget the value of empathy, the more these problems feel so out of our control, and at worst: impossible to solve. 

Those who individuals really do have hope in (Cornel West for example) end up dropping out in some way or another, and abandoning their supporters for some other aforementioned mediocre campaign. Kamala Harris also initially proved to be a worthy solution to the many problems facing our society, but in the end (much like Biden) was nothing short of what we’ve already seen.   

Regardless of how disappointing politics have been within the last few years, this is not a reason to swear off politics as a whole. If anything, this proves as a solid reason for why we need to be taking matters into our own hands, rather than letting the same small elite of people run our lives. 

As a student, everyday I continue to question and analyze the true effects of the pandemic, as a person in my own city, gun violence has had a dramatic increase over the last few years, everyday on social media I hear about innocent people in Gaza dying, I am fearful about the state of our planet when I look at the uncolored leaves on trees during fall, and wonder if we’ll ever have true fall again. 

Us younger generations have grown so accustomed to seeing our world in shambles that we’ve accepted it as our only reality. We must strive and achieve more. For our families, for our planet, and for the sake of humanity. How do we strive for more when the world keeps letting us down? 

I’m here to say that we can aim higher. We don’t have to accept a crappy society that is run by individuals that have only further contributed to fear and unhappiness. When external forces make achieving change feel so impossible? We keep fighting. And when we’re tired, we work with each other to pick ourselves back up.

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  • A

    AlyMar 21, 2024 at 10:37 am

    This article expresses my thoughts and opinions to a T. I, similarly to many others, am not content with either of the current presidential candidates portraying America. I strongly believe that it is time for a younger individual to step up and showcase what most of the younger generation wants instead of an old white man. However, it is very imperative that Donald Trump is not elected to be President due to the negative impact his decisions will have on the people in the community here at AFS. There is a large and vibrant LGBTQ community here that has been nurtured and supported by students and staff, and if Trump is elected, some their rights and wellbeing will be severely affecteespecially trangender identifying students who will possibly be banned from getting the medical care that they need and deserve. I believe that this should be a matter of utmost concern for everyone.

  • N

    Noah YoonMar 21, 2024 at 10:33 am

    As someone who is of voting age I feel that I gained a new perspective once I really started looking into. Picking presidents is a net zero gain most times especially in a system designed to be slow. In reality at this point politics has become whos the least worst option. Unfortunately we live in a deeply divided country where partisanism spills out from political issues and into real violence and hate in the real world. Here’s my perspective on it. Biden is an old man with severe memory issues and he’s a bad choice. Trump is an autocrat waiting to happen, he has no respect for the US legal system, no respect for the principles that this country should stand for and he just sucks. Neither of them are good options but that’s not the point of them. The presidential role used to stand as a point of pride, someone who would represent the nation, lead it through hard times. Nowadays the president is a human stamp to crank out as much legislation as you can get from your party before things swing back. Overall I feel that the article is unfortunately correct.

  • J

    Justin SolonynkaMar 21, 2024 at 9:17 am

    Extremely cogent column. I respect your opinion and appreciate your willingness to share it. All I would like to add is this: Yes, Biden’s promise tracker is somewhat disappointing. But, in fairness, one must also look at Trump’s promise tracker, available on that same page. I will leave it at that. Thank you again for this perspective!

  • E

    Eliot BramsonMar 21, 2024 at 9:01 am

    I can understand where frustration with Biden is coming from. It seems that nothing’s been accomplished under his presidency, and he’s just some old white guy. It’s fine to be disappointed with the current president, but would you rather want Trump? Unfortunately, there will only be two polar opposite candidates in 2024. One, depending on your interests, is worse than the other. Biden isn’t the most active president, but I see him as a place holder for our democracy until the democratic party can generate a more popular candidate. If Donald Trump is elected again, he will destroy our democracy. He’s already done irreparable damage to our country. During his presidency, he shared nuclear secrets with foreign businessmen. He’s stolen classified documents. He incited an insurrection that only failed because of the stupidity of his supporters. Biden might not be the most exciting candidate, but at least our democracy is safe under his presidency.

  • T

    TiyeMar 21, 2024 at 8:56 am

    I agree with the perspective in “A Disappointing Campaign” article. I agree with it because I also feel like the political climate right now is really upsetting. Both 2024 presidential candidates have proven untrustworthy. I saw on the news when Trump was fined for sexual assault, when he stole important documents from The White House and when he lead the insurrection on the capitol. All of these have really made me worry about what would happen if he was president again. Additionally, Biden’s neglection of innocent civilians in Gaza and many other of his empty promises in office has made me wonder what the future would be like if he held office again. The political climate really makes me feel helpless because I can’t vote and I can’t hold office. I think young people can change the political climate and make it better by not choosing to accept that they do not support either candidate. I think young people can make it better by voting although they may not truly support either candidate. I think they can try to pick the lesser evil of the two candidates. Additionally, I think young people should start their own political party so that they can get politicians who truly represent their ideas.

  • J

    Jacob WilderMar 21, 2024 at 8:47 am

    It may be because the last two presidential terms are the only ones that I paid attention to, but I agree that the presidential campaigns are more false promises than actual goals. Our political system is going further and further into serving the interests of politicians and businesspeople than doing what Americans want the government to actually do. I cannot remember seeing a candidate that I was completely sure would be a good leader for our nation, and for me, it was just deciding which one was slightly better than the other and which one would do the least damage.

  • H

    Henry G.Mar 21, 2024 at 8:39 am

    I agree with the article. I think that Biden made a lot of promises that went unfilled. Some of those promises were shallow, and the administration ignored them. However, Biden did try to take action on very important issues. In 2022, he signed the biggest nationwide gun control act in almost 30 years. He codified same-sex marriage into law, and most significantly, he helped the U.S. slowly rebuild and revive from the pandemic. His failed promises are not only his fault. Some GOP members in the House and Senate have been blocking his agenda and his bills not because they are bad for America, but because they want to play politics and they want Biden to fail. Those house members have been champions for border control, but as soon as a bill is introduced, they all vote against it. The Biden-Trump rematch is very disappointing. The last thing that people wanted was two old and lackluster candidates and that is what we got. I think that in the future, young people should rally around someone that is not 80, but 50, 40, 35. Someone who has sensible but modern ideas that will help tackle the issues that face us today.