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Changes and Transitions

Nimo Ren ’25


Throughout our time in the Upper School, we have witnessed the current student body and faculty undergo unexpected changes and come together to find solutions in order to maintain a strong community bond that overcomes challenges. Accepting change and moving forward in a short period of time is a large part of the resilience we have carried throughout our high school experience. 

The current senior and junior class started high school and finished middle school through a screen. Later, we transitioned in person where we had to make connections through a mask, along with navigating class and extracurriculars. We have witnessed faculty members come and go. We have experienced alterations in student life and community every year. 

Now, we have the responsibility to pass down what we’ve gained from these transitions, seeking the silver linings and setting an example that change can be difficult, but eventually leads to progress. 

An important part of our community is that throughout these changes Abington Friends School will continue to build ideas and work with one another in order to make a strong and connected institution. The student body may be different from the student body five, ten, or even one hundred years ago, but each person matters in contributing to the story of Abington Friends School.

As a School, we are closing in on a chapter, and soon we will start writing a new one. After serving as Head of School for eighteen years, Rich Nourie announced his retirement at the end of the 2023-24 school year. This will be one of the biggest transitions Abington Friends will face because of his long history with the school. 

As students, teachers, and administrators, we are able to reflect each year and collaborate on what could look different in order to ensure that every member of this school is heard and uplifted. Our ability to make changes is embedded in the identity of Abington Friends as it shows we’re creative thinkers who aren’t afraid of growth. 

Every year, we see a new senior class, junior class, sophomore class, and freshman class. Even though we transition to a new role with a different set of responsibilities, we carry what we’ve learned through every stage of our high school career. 

When the class of ‘24 graduates saying their final goodbye as Abington Friends students, they won’t forget the memories and the lessons they’ve learned that have prepared them for the next steps of their college lives. 

When the class of ‘25 becomes the new senior class and carries the school’s identity and community on their shoulders, they will never forget the moments and encouragement that have prepared them for leadership. 

The class of ‘26 will soon accept their responsibilities of becoming upperclassmen, voicing their opinions, and becoming role models for the kindergarten even though their journey towards high school started around a year ago. 

The class of ‘27 works to navigate their interests and express themselves in a new environment, for new students or returning ones.

In the midst of personal growth and changes, as a collective, we will be undergoing a new transition by welcoming Nicole Hood as our new head of school. What will this change mean for the AFS community?

We cannot predict or look for the future for answers, but we can make choices that will help build the future we want to have. 

As juniors this year, we are starting to bear the responsibility of being upperclassmen and representing the school and the student body. When the new head of school arrives, we will be seniors and this responsibility and obligation will increase. 

Therefore, we feel it is important to remember that it is the Class of 2025’s responsibility to make sure that this change goes smoothly. 

The administration will be looking to us to help them settle into this transition. We are urging the members of the 2025 graduating class to step up. 

As a school, in order to establish a strong community with Nicole, we need to lean into trust and hone our values to further envision what we want the future identity of the Abington Friends School to represent.

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