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The Impact of the Earthquake in Morocco: How to support

The Impact of the Earthquake in Morocco: How to support
Nimo Ren ’25


The country of Morocco suffered a devastating earthquake last month. There was a burst of media coverage bringing awareness to this tragedy, and then, in a pattern all too familiar, the world’s eyes shifted away while all of the damage and loss of life continues to devastate Morocco. Morocco is still in despair, and the issue deserves our attention. 


On September 8, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit Morocco. Adassil, 44 miles southwest of Marrakech, was the epicenter. According to the Associated Press, at least 2,900 people were killed and over 5,500 people were injured. There are about 400 damaged structures and another 400 are at risk of being damaged. 


Although it’s easy to feel as if this widespread, significant issue is out of our control, we cannot afford to be bystanders in a disaster that will be written down in history.


Here is a list of five ways that anyone can help.


1. Raise money to support the rehabilitation of Moroccan land and people. Through bake sales, carwashes, GoFundMe, and many more strategies, anyone can make an impact. Yassmine Wardigee ‘27, Samara Cohen ‘26, and Leila Cohen ‘26 demonstrated a simple yet effective way to help, by hosting a bake sale to raise money.

2. Another opportunity to support Morocco is through donations. A few important organizations include the High Atlas Foundation which provides food and shelter, the International Medical Corps, which gives necessary medical attention to those in need, and CARE, which focuses on disadvantaged youth and women in the aftermath. 


3. Help ensure that the world stays aware of the current issues and their impacts. Share articles and information on social media, ensuring information is credible and not misinformed. Talk about what’s going on in person or through announcements, and generally find ways to educate those around you. 


4. Reach out to those affected. Whether that be those with family and friends in Morocco, or those living in Morocco, reach out! Offer your compassion and support; it can mean a lot. 


5. Keep yourself updated, see what emerging organizations can be donated to, watch for developments, and sign petitions.

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    UdayanOct 19, 2023 at 3:15 pm

    So true! We need to remember how fragile life is and what a blessing it is too. The recent October 8, 2023 earthquake in Afghanistan was also devastating – more than 2000 dead, 1000 hurt and 1300 homes destroyed – according to the Taliban, who probably wants to downplay to the world how truly bad it is. We are so lucky to be living in America. The love that holds us together is our real wealth – and it’s great to share it with the world